Richard Littlejohn, Just Another Transmysogynic Press Bully

Last week, after being mocked in the press with an attack piece by Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn, transgender schoolteacher Lucy Meadows committed suicide.

Lucy was raised male, but had recently undergone a transition to live as female -- which for Littlejohn was reason enough to attack her in column. Leading with the mocking headline "He's not only in the wrong body... he's in the wrong job"*(1), Littlejohn belittled and harassed Meadows, referring to her decision as her “personal problems” and playing on the outdated scare tactic that transgender people are a threat to children.

Join in signing a petition to the Daily Mail to fire Richard Littlejohn, issue an apology, and institute an editorial review to ensure that this never happens again.

* Editor's note: an ignorant and awful remark consider that the majority of transgender individuals and pre-op transsexuals people have many difficulties getting employment or keeping a job; a situation not due to lack of skills or degree but often due employers prejudice or colleagues bullying attitude. Littlejohn could also have used pronoun She instead of He in accordance to recognized gender identity diagnostic of now defucnt Miss Meadows