Transmisogyny and Conditioning By Male Privilege

CAFAB trans people have partial male privilege from birth because they aren’t women. Their gender identity shields them from internalizing much of the negative socialization which society imposes upon women, and the fact that society does not gender police female-assigned children nearly as much as male-assigned children means that CAFAB trans children have infinitely more freedom to explore and express their gender identity than CAMAB trans children have.

Male privilege is a function of identifying as and actualizing oneself as male and/or masculine. Thus, trans men have full male privilege regardless of passing and CAFAB trans people have partial male privilege even when they are not perceived as male. Equally thus, CAMAB trans people at most have partial male privilege in childhood, which evaporates the moment anyone realizes they’re trans.

CAFAB trans people need to stop assuming that CAMAB trans people’s lives are simply a mirror image of CAFAB trans people’s lives, and they need to stop using their privilege to talk over CAMAB trans people whenever we try to point this out. Remember, society considers it completely okay — even “normal” — for a female-assigned child to be a tomboy, but a male-assigned child who displays even the slightest trace of femininity will be ruthlessly “corrected”.

Source: Freedom in Wickedness