On Terminology And Gender Assignment

The reason it is absolutely appropriate to refer to trans* people as Coercively Assigned Male / Female At Birth (CAMAB / CAFAB) is that trans* people are coercively socialized into a gender role which is incompatible with their innate gender identity.

Those who argue that CAMAB / CAFAB should apply only to intersex people who were surgically altered at birth do not understand what gender assignment really is. Gender assignment is not the moment when a doctor takes a cursory glance at a newborn baby’s external genitalia and declares, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!”. Gender assignment is the entire process of socialization by which children are indoctrinated into a binary gender role from that moment onward.

So gender assignment is every time that a child is told that they have to dress and behave a certain way because they’re supposed to be a boy or because they’re supposed to be a girl. It is every time a child is taught certain skills and not taught certain skills. It is every time a child is given certain toys and denied certain toys. It is a lifetime process of conscious and subconscious reinforcement learning which relentlessly shapes every child to fit the pattern assigned to them by society based on that five-second glance between their legs.

Coercive gender assignment is when the gender assignment crosses the line from implicit social pressure to overt application of force. It is when a child is physically violated by the imposition of unnecessary medical treatment or the denial of necessary medical treatment to force them to develop “correctly”. It is when a child is psychologically violated by the use of physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse to force them to behave “correctly”. Even if we for the sake of argument set aside the growing body of evidence that being trans* is a neurological intersex condition, it is very clear that both intersex children and trans* children are subjected to coercive gender assignment.

Source: Freedom In Wickedness