Digital Data Compression: Music's Procrustean Bed

Instead of striving to better create the illusion of live music, research efforts are dictated by the multinational corporations' need for convenient and cheap methods of storing and transmitting "software." Despite the remarkable and laudable achievements made in this field, bit-rate reduction in its proposed form and application is a step backward, a regression—even a perversion of audio science. It represents a denial of the vital role fidelity plays in communicating the musical experience. "Just good enough" or "barely detectable" appears to be the pinnacle of achievement. Moreover, the whole concept of data compression is a fundamental reversal of where our priorities should be. Audio technology should conform to the requirements of music rather than making music conform to technological limitations.

Source: Stereophile

Some people say that the loss of fidelity is worth the trade off; there is more access to music than ever, it now costs nothing to listen to everything, and you get it the instant you want it. As far as I am concerned, its like being offered immortality, but with the price being you can never eat food or have sex ever again.
Not such a good bargain is it?

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