Sunday, 4 February 2018

How DJ Ace Beaty was judged a 'bad woman', not cuddling manchilds' issues, to a criminal in the mind of a manipulative sociopath

In 2014 DJ Ace Beaty relocated all her synthesizers, DJ gears and more than 3000 vinyl records from London and Antwerpen to Barcelona in hope to find creative partners and have her various talents put to good use, sadly it didn't really went that way although she remain open and enthusiastic… 

In fact due to the high priced square meter space in the city she couldn't ever manage to live a long time nearby her instruments, so in the summer of 2017 she was proposed to get her music belonging hosted at an home space rented by pseudo architect Salvador Augé i Jiménez, so she could more easy find a place to reside while having a rehearsing space within the same barrio, however that men proved a trickster and confiscated her keys double on her last return from the Benelux a few days after texting her cissexist & misogynist messages, taking so hostage of her whole music belongings while banning her access to it (although he first presented as friend, never wanted rental money though she was open to offer some, stating instead that such things shouldn't be talked about between 'friends' and that she could drop-in whenever she wanted, hence the double keyset…)
Tweets on the succession of tragic events is has been posted here.

On February third 2018 she finally repossessed her electronic music gears & vinyl collection which was held hostage for months by Salvador Augé i Jiménez, sadly his chantage worked and she paid him 650€ in total, could she mention his bullying, violence, insults, threat, cissexist invalidation, misogyny & the relocation costs? 

Ace wish to thanks the following individuals for help and support : 

Elisabeth Edison, Madame Tresserras, Robert Moutarde, Vincent "Doc" Martins, King Konstandinos, Adrien Le Plus Malin, Puntual Francesc, Oslvaldo y Los Amigos… 

If karmic laws are real then one day this insecure manipulative pathetic amphetamine hooked mama's boy from Sant Boi, named Salvador Augé i Jiménez, will face a severe payback for his cissexism, misogyny, insanity, cunning, chantage & lack of honesty towards others, and most of all towards himself. Mama won't be there to cuddle the manchild & no women will ever listen how she should behave according to his stereotypical views on gender roles and what women means to a mama's boy.