Friday, 9 June 2017

Being Transgender & Truthful

95% of the time people who dismiss the gender of transgender people have zero interest in being educated beyond the 7th grade chromosome argument.
I have personally tried many times to do so. To be completely honest, I don't think it's the modern scientific studies that daunt them. I also don't entirely believe their intent is malicious, even though denying a trans person's gender is inherently a violent act.

The biggest issue is the fact that they are so invested in their own cisgender binary that they cannot imagine why anyone could be trans.
This of course means that our mere existence threatens them, and they get scared by what we represent. We are a world-shattering truth which they simply aren't ready to deal with.
This is the root of transmisogyny and some cisgender people refuse to let it go. They attack us out of nowhere because they are afraid of their own gender becoming somehow invalidated.
This is not the case, but having been the target of such attacks, and observing such attacks on others the only conclusion I arrive at is that they actually are more adamant about gender than transgender folks are!

If we're allowed to be who we are, somehow they CAN'T be who they are. So they retaliate with violence, hate, libel, slurs, and more… when all WE did was exist.

Statistically, some of them are probably trans themselves, but have become so intimidated by society and/or religion that they can't come out, so they cling to the "penis = man, vagina = woman" dichotomy like a scared child holding a teddy bear. I pity them, really.
Others are simply bullies who cannot handle anything that doesn't remind them of themselves. Narcissistic as that is, it's also pathetic.
Transgender people have a kind of strength and resolve that militantly minded "XX = female, XY = male" cisgender people will never have.

It's not the "courage" or "bravery" we have to be who we are in the face of overwhelming oppression either… It's our ability to be truthful.
Cisgender people can be so invested in the lies that society tells us every day that they can't take encountering someone living authentically.

So I don't bother trying to educate these people anymore.

Source: TransEthics on Twitter