Friday, 25 July 2014

Trans people's (Un)Equal Access to Goods and Service in the EU


Trans people experience structural discrimination as social and legal realities are constructed around two exclusive notions of gender: male and female. People who are challenging these norms fall between the cracks. Matching ID- documents are a pre-requisite to access goods and services without discrimination. The Goods & Services Directive protects against sex/gender-discrimination in access to remunerated, non-private goods and services. Many goods and services are only accessible if ID-documents are provided, such as opening a bank account, taking a flight, taking a loan, buying insurance etc. Many trans-people experience discrimination when accessing goods and services because their gender identity does not match the name/ gender marker on their ID-documents. A common reaction is to suspect trans people to use falsified documents, which prompt further scrutinizing questions. More often these situations prompt the trans-person to come out as transgender, which leaves them vulnerable to discrimination and often at mercy of their counterparts about accessing the respective service. 


Source / Full Text: TGEU: Trans people's (Un)Equal Access to Goods and Service in the EU