Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Proposition 35 [California]


Trans people, particularly women, find they are discriminated against in the search for regular minimum wage positions. Those hoping to undergo gender transition whether via hormone treatment or surgery may in desperation take to sex work in order to gain the necessary funds. Transitioning can be very much a medical necessity and a matter of life or death for some. Only the Healthy San Francisco program currently provides these services for uninsured residents.

Trans women, and particularly trans women of color, are discriminated against in their employment positions and are as such pushed into sex work. Forty-seven percent of black trans people, 29 percent of Latin and 20 percent of multiracial trans people have undertaken sex work, compared to 6 percent of white trans people.

In a phenomenon called "walking while trans," transgender women often are victim to police harassment regardless of their involvement in sex work. A report on Latin trans women in Los Angeles recently published by Bienestar, a non-profit LGBT social service organization, and the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science found that two thirds of participants received verbal harassment from police officers. Twenty-one percent reported physical assault and twenty-three percent sexual assault. Officers stopped sixty percent when they were not in violation of any law -- when they were waiting for a bus or walking to the store.


Author: Holly Grigg-Spall

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