Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Mysoginy, Sexism, Cissexim, Transmysoginy, Stereotypes in 'Just a Joke'

Here is the problem with “Justin Bieber is a girl!” jokes
  1. You are turning misgendering someone into a joke. Many transgender and nonbinary people have to deal with misgendering on a daily basis. It’s not something to be made light of by anyone but us, and it’s definitely not something acceptable to do to someone else. ever. no matter how much of an asshole they are.
  2. You are implying that if a boy is androgynous or feminine then he is not really a boy. This reenforces restrictive gender roles and the notion that how someone dresses, acts, looks, or sounds is inherently indicative of their gender. It also alienates transboys and other transmasculine people, who, especially if they have not transitioned surgically/hormonally, are unlikely to look as masculine as cisboys/cismen. By saying that a cisboy like Justin Bieber is too feminine for you to take him seriously as a boy, you are setting the bar impossibly high for many (if not most/all) trans males/transmasculine folk.
  3. You are implying that it is bad for a boy to be feminine, which further implies that being feminine is bad, or that being a girl is bad.
  4. You are implying that it is bad for a boy to be anything other than stereotypically masculine, which, again, upholds restrictive gender roles. many people, even cis people or binary trans people, have androgynous or fluid gender expression, or look/sound androgynous naturally. you are telling those people that their way of being is unacceptable and grounds for them to be treated as the wrong gender.
I understand it’s fun to make fun of this asshole but please don’t do it in a way that belittles people on the basis of femininity, gender identity, or gender expression. Thanks

Source: Skepkitty Mastermind Naegi