Friday, 29 November 2013

Quoting Ron Morelli


everything is so split apart in the world of “dance music”, I never considered myself to be part of the world of dance music, although I may have been DJing and working around that medium. To me, dance music is the Shelter and Body and Soul and Fort Greene Park, Dance Tracks Record Store, Vinyl Mania Records, Sonic Groove and so forth. Then you have all the sub-sects and sects and sects of sub-sects. Like techno people who would never listen to Blaze, or indie rockers into Kompakt Records but who would never listen to Jeff Mills, or some guy into Coil who buys New Beat and might also check out old R&S, but not a DJ International record. This is what I would see while working at A1, and it was a great way to gauge and see how split up the different worlds that fall under the umbrella of “dance music” are.


But yeah, the internet, iTunes – forget it. Just skipping through songs: ‘No, no, no, pretty cool part, no, no, cool, no’. You ever go to a house party and they have iTunes playing? No one can even leave a damn song on all the way through. They have 15,000 tracks at their fingertips and are always trying to put something cooler on. It sucks man, it just plain sucks. But there is no fighting it, so best figure out how to live in this shit or get left in the dust.  


Anti-social… hmm, I don’t know. I’m just disgusted by humanity, really, I always have been. I live by a simple Catholic rule: treat others as you’d like to be treated, or something like that. All I see is constant disrespect on the most basic of human levels, all of the time, everywhere. People are terrible and always have been. That’s the harsh truth since the dawn of man. You reach a certain age and you’re not making friends, you’re just losing them one by one and that’s just fine. We’re all going to die alone. Regarding being in a club: well, I love DJing, I live for it, but generally I hate being in the club unless I’m playing. So yeah, figure that one out.

Source: FactMag