Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Vaginas Are Not Magical

Women are not defined by our genitalia or our reproductive systems. None of our parts are magical structures that make science disappear or that define our status in the world or that give anyone the right to judge or control us in any way. Our uteruses do not transform into anti-pregnancy shields during rape. Our penises, outies, trans clits, or whatever we call them, are not trump cards that turn us into men. And our vaginas are not magical status symbols that place us above other women, allowing us to judge them unworthy, unreal, or less female. There is no part of any woman’s body that makes it ok to control, demean, or harm her in any way, ever. Every woman, trans or cis, has a woman’s body. Every woman, cis or trans, has a right to have her body and her decisions about her body respected. Every woman’s body, trans or cis, is sovereign, precious, and hers. When cis women claim some sort of superiority over trans women based on their respective organs, they are no better than the cis men who use myths about biology to deny women – both cis and trans – access to healthcare and equal rights.

Source: Midnight Lyric