Thursday, 4 July 2013

Quote from Amelia Arsenic

Women in the industrial scene report feeling marginalized, ridiculed, sexualized and disrespected.

In an email interview with Coilhouse, Amelia Arsenic of industrial band Angelspit writes: “I feel the bands that are very popular in industrial at the moment mainly comprise of pretty bro-ish dudes singing about ‘manly’ things like guns and being violent with girls.

Like many of her compatriots in this music scene and others, Amelia says that she’s commonly mistaken for a merch girl or the girlfriend of somebody in the band. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that I get a lot of questions from guys asking me if I know anything about the technical side of music. Most people think the guys do the writing and the girls just sing!” In Amelia’s video tutorial on semi-modular synths, the number of sexual/disparaging comments is high… even for YouTube.

Source: I Die You Die - Storytime with Uncle Pathogen : It May Shock You To Find That Our Female Comrades Have An Opinion As Well
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