Monday, 29 April 2013

Aliens, … Morons from Outer Space!

Aliens have nothing to fear from humans because their technology needed to travel to Earth would far surpass our current technology. Their technology would easily protect them. Any galactic or intergalactic level of civilization will inevitably invent AI, furthermore AI would be combined with extremely advanced nanobots, thus any alien would have a tremendously clear grasp of intelligence even if intelligence differed from their own type of thinking.

Despite inevitably supreme technology, inevitable high intelligence, aliens oddly crash their ships on Earth, or they incompetently carom around our skies while conducting technologically primitive experiments of an anally probing nature on humans. Surely aliens could invent a human body on a chip, especially when you consider humans are close to achieving this breakthrough, thus there is no need to probe anuses? Aliens could easily download everything they need to know about anuses including the psychology of anal penetration from the Internet, or regarding pre-Internet abductions I’m sure aliens could have created virtual non-suffering simulated humans for their anal penetration. Capturing humans then probing their anuses makes no sense. The anal probing nonsense is merely a human fear, it is nothing to do with actual aliens.

Aliens, if they had the technology needed to travel to Earth, could easily protect themselves during all communications with humans, they could easily communicate with us in a very sensible manner, they could end all our suffering, which any advanced creature would understand the intelligence or ethics of doing so, but identical to God, or simulation controllers, aliens remain secret, very elusive, they let us suffer and die because they don’t exist. They show clear evidence of being intellectually immature, they are positively retarded.

God definitely doesn’t exist but perhaps, very likely, there’s a very primitive pre-Singularity civilization of non-human beings somewhere in the universe very distant from Earth, although I can assure you, very definitely, advanced beings don’t exist because the level of advancement required for travel to Earth entails the Singularity, but the Singularity hasn’t yet happened. If technologically super-aliens existed anywhere in the universe I guarantee we would have heard about them, they would have at least sent us a care package, furthermore their care package would be intelligent enough to avoid falling into the hands of a elite group who would suppress it.

Wherever you are in the universe you will know about the Singularity when it happens, but it hasn’t yet happened. Humans are apparently the most technologically advanced race of beings, or perhaps there is another pre-Singularity culture sightly ahead of us but there are definitely no beings in the universe with the requisite advanced technology to reach Earth.

The idea of advanced aliens coming to Earth then idiotically and irreparably crashing their ships, or dying in some other way, it’s utter nonsense. Likewise regarding their mysterious abductions, landings, or their darting airspace obscurantism, it’s pure nonsense. If they crashed, which is an incident their inevitable AI-systems would actually never allow to happen, their inevitable crash protection devices, or their self-repair mechanisms, would ensure no harm whatsoever comes to their ships or themselves, they would definitely not be captured by a technologically primitive race of beings. If humans can create stem cells from blood or urine, which can then create brain cells, surely aliens will have very advanced regenerative medicine, instant repair nanobots flowing in their blood, or whatever they have instead of blood?

Surely their ships, computers, their 3D-printers will be self-healing and ultra rapid? Sufficiently advanced technology quickly leads to utterly resilient immortality and super powers, powers which would easily protect you from any accident you can imagine. Aliens simply do not crash-land on Earth, there are no secret advanced propulsion systems, no magic technology retrieved from extraterrestrial vehicles, which global governments are refusing to disseminate. The Illuminati are not in contact with aliens.

Aliens are merely a new religion, they are a new God identical to all the other non-existent Gods who, for some utterly inexplicable reason, refuse to communicate in a sensible way, but an absence of sensible communication is not actually inexplicable, the answer is simple, there is a good reason why aliens can’t communicate sensibly: They don’t exist on earth! They don’t visit us, although maybe they do exist.


Sadly the existence of UFO theories or news is prolific, seemingly endless. Perhaps if you fortunately avoid the coming deluge of Sirius videos you will sadly encounter other alien nonsense at some point in our idiotic pre-Singularity future.

What precisely does our future hold? Maybe idiocy will be eternal? Perhaps aliens really are morons, maybe the Singularity cannot cure stupidity. I often wonder if humans can ever be truly intelligent. Perhaps humans are so stupid they will somehow always be immune to the Singularity, thus perhaps aliens are also irredeemable fools utterly immune to the intelligence explosion, maybe the universe will always remain utterly dumb. What do you think? Are you excited about the forthcoming Sirius documentary? Are aliens and the universe immune to the Singularity?

The only possible way to explain aliens in the context we are considering is if the aliens are total morons. If aliens truly existed in their current state, where they visit Earth secretly, they would need to exceptionally stupid, improbably stupid, so stupid they can’t perform basic tasks such as flying a spaceship. I don’t however think aliens are utter imbeciles. I think there is a simpler explanation, a more rational theory. Aliens do not visit Earth either via controlled or crash landings. The problem resides wholly with humans who believe aliens are secretly visiting Earth. The problem is regarding scarcity, which sometimes causes humans to believe in wild fantasies. Scarcity can cause a desperate type of thinking, a cultural type of thinking tentatively addressed in the book: “Neuroscience, Psychology, and Religion: Illusions, Delusions, and Realities about Human Nature.” Aliens simply are not secretly visiting us to experiment on us or guide our evolution, they definitely don’t foolishly crash their ships.

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