Saturday, 9 March 2013

On Transmisogyny

I am totally over talking about “trans activism” and “trans rights” and “trans community” and “I couldn’t possibly do anything transphobic, because I’ve dated trans men.”

As if trans women and trans men had the same needs, privileges, experiences and cultural positions. We don’t.

If you accept that we live in a misogynist/patriarchal culture- which I hope that you do; if you don’t, you should probably read a different blog for a minute and then come back- then it seems counterproductive to conflate trans women and trans men in pretty much any way.

The emotional consequences of failing to be read as the correct gender roughly correspond across gender lines, but the punitive ones -the ones that are about gendered violence- do not.

I’m not interested in building a hierarchy, because I don’t care who’s got it worse -it sucks for everybody- but we need to acknowledge that if a stranger reads me as a man, he’s going to respond really differently than he would if he read Chaz Bono as a woman.

Let’s be real about that.

Source (and full text): “Fuck The Following Things” by Imogen Binnie.