Thursday, 13 December 2012

John Zewizz (Sleep Chamber) Interviewed

Anto Cularis: What do you think the "general" idea of Satanism is compared to that of your own?

John Zewizz: I think 90% ov the population have this idea that Satanism iz a group ov subversives in black robes and hoods on their knees to a goat with a pitchfork. I think they see the devil az having red shiny skin, a pointed tail, and horns. Not to forget the pitchfork. The typical image instilled in us az fear, when we are young. Az in the dark ages, which we are still in, the forced belief waz if you do not believe in "my" god you are against him... the social style ov elevating oneself while defaming others. My idea of Satanism iz that ov enchanting, esoteric, spellbinding, reversal ov values and traditions, Kaos az a means ov protection, and an individual system ov conversity.

Anto Cularis: Where is Sleep Chamber's place in the Industrial scene? How do you think Sleep Chamber relates to Industrial culture?

John Zewizz: I People and critics in the rock "scene" hate us, people in the "Industrial" scene hate us. We have never really been accepted in a "scene." So we have accepted our outlaw type of image, not being able to fit into a "scene" or keep people in that scene happy. I don't find it rewarding to be unaccepted in the musick scene in general. You are not reviewed in magazines, you are not worthy ov airplay, etc... this all costs you time and money invested into something people are going out ov their way to ignore. I do not intentionally try to shock or offend people. The image and musick iz presented az I see it. I am in control and some people hate that.


Anto Cularis: Would you tell us about your incident with the Department of the Treasury confiscating some of your mail? I'd like to know how it began, how you reacted at first, and if it was ever resolved.

John Zewizz: It seems that the U.S. post office haz sometimes little to do but open other peoples' mail. This iz how this situation arose. They opened a package out ov curiosity because, #1 it waz addressed to Sleep Chamber, the rest iz history... after they saw a sexually orientated photograph (a cassette cover), they figured I waz a pervert that needed to be taught a lesson. It seems that after that initial incident, I must have been put on a computer. All my mail kumming or going waz being opened and seized. The "Spellbondage" album waz seized in Japan. The "Warm Leatherette" 45 with picture sleeve waz seized twice in Canada and confiscated. I slowed down business for a year and the heat sort ov cooled down. Today they have seemed to lay off.


Anto Cularis:In light of that incident, how do you feel about others deciding what you can and cannot see or possess?

John Zewizz: Up until that incident, I really had little experience with others controlling my musick or ideas. I waz really offended that some idiot could have say or control over my ideas. It's an unbearable invasion of your freedom. How can someone or someone's opinion be in control over your freedom, your freedom ov conception, a concept that harms no one. The part that makes me so crazy about it all iz that the U.S. Customs agent told me that I could not import "in" anything that might be considered obscene. He then informed me just what waz considered "obscene." Basically anything that showed naked bodies. I mentioned stores selling Playboy, Penthouse, etc... video rental stores that stock X-rated video, etc. He informed me that waz all okay because it waz already in the country. I mean... what the fuck, that monopoly! They want to control what kums and goes... so that they can charge fines, taxes, etc.?

Anto Cularis: How do you think this relates to the censorship that is currently taking place in some aspects of the music industry?

John Zewizz: What iz taking place now in the musick industry iz a gradual process. In ten years the laws will be so detailed, the artist will have hiz/her head up their ass trying "not to be creative," but to be a machine that iz dictated by public demand and corporate influence... like today but much worse! Censorship iz not all on high levels of control. It happens on smaller levels like radio stations and magazine reviews. Everybody practices some sort ov level ov control. But you have to know the difference between control and censorship.

Anto Cularis: I think that much of the censorship directed towards music misses the target. It's really amusing that the corporate record labels deal with such a high level of censorship control, over groups who are harmless to the masses at large... when in the underground of music there are a few groups who could really be genuine threats to impressionable people. You'd think censors would be paying more attention to the underground, but they don't. Why do you think this is?

John Zewizz: Like you said, the targets are bigger, have more money, and are ov no real threat. So the censorship iz a power play ov control and exploitation towards those who can afford to "pay" the game. You can make a better example ov someone that's a big target. If you are not famous no one cares what happens to you. Most ov the people in the "big" musick market are playing a censorship game. They do it intentionally. To be censored... iz the easiest way to draw attention. I guess you could almost call it "Satanic"... the public will buy something the government wants to control, or does not want you to hear. Government and religion are somewhat identical in control and dominance... don't you think? They both greed for the power ov control. Both wanting to control and censor but not to be controlled or censored. And most importantly... not to be held responsible!


Source/Full Interview: Anto Cularis Magazine