Friday, 16 November 2012

Digging Africa: Voodoofunk

When you are DJing do you also use CD´s, CD-R or Final Scratch/Serato?

I have my records to play them out. That’s what they were made for. I don’t use CDs and I would never take a laptop into the DJ booth. That’s because I’m a Disc Jockey and not a MP3 Jockey. I have spent a significant amount of time and work in being able to play records for you that you could not possibly hear anywhere else on this world. I think that playing such rare, original records creates a special vibe. Sure, I could record them onto CD or onto a computer but that would be like an art exhibition with xerox copies or digital prints on the walls instead of the originals. Also, if someone wants to know what’s playing, I can show them the record cover. I would not do anything to alter the sound of these records. I don’t mix. I don’t match beats. All I do is play them. That’s what they were made for. I put a record on the turntable and press the start button and that’s it. Once a song has played, I press the start button on the other record player. I want people to realize when one song is over and the next one starts. I strongly believe that a good song should be enjoyed in its entirety.


What will the vinyl business be like in the year 2030? Will there be just old and rare records or still new pressings?

I don’t think there’s any doubt there still will be records pressed in 2030. The music industry declared the death of the record some 20 years ago. But instead, the format never died and is now again getting more and more popular. Vinyl record sales have been on the rise for a number of years now while the music industry is losing more money every year. There will still be records even after the last major record company has vanished.
Records will outlast the corporate music industry. Mark my words.
Small independent labels like Academy LPs who put out my re-issues already sell more vinyl copies than CDs.

Source: Full Interview of DJ Frank Gossner at iCrate