Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Phone Call with Rheiji Burrell Snippet


Rush Hour: And then house was on the lowdown for a minute?

Rheiji Burrell: It was over for me. It got too big for me. A lot of labels started popping up and everybody knew what they were talking about and everything I was doing was just not what was going on now. And I said well I don’t know, the R&B stuff was going pretty well and I just didn’t have to compete. I wasn’t a DJ. I wasn’t in-crowd, I guess I just wasn’t weird enough. It got out of hand. You had to take of your shirt and sweat and die for house music and I said: “Well, not really, its just not (my style)..” I feel it, don’t get me wrong. I feel it and I made up the stuff but it really needed a real poser. It was sort of like pop, you had to be a superstar. It got real universal and worldwide. I started having conversations with people who did not respect it. `Somebody whose parents give them a couple of hundred bucks and they wanted to started a music label and we argued about bass lines.. and I was like: “Well, maybe I need do to something else.” Just like anything else it evolved and I didn’t really liked what it was turning in to.

RH: But you didn’t have that problem with Hip Hop?

R: Well actually I did, eventually it turned into something I did not like as well, so I started doing a lot of pop music. And a lot of pop music now is like house music. Like Rihanna and all that stuff. That’s house music, that’s produced house music.

: Mostly produced by dutch producers by the way..

: Yeah, yup, so again that’s where house music was going. And it was just not my version of house music, that’s not really how I do it. You know I keep it rugged, jazzy, crazy and dirty. A lot of stuff I did I put on cassette for that purpose because it got that hiss and fidelity, it’s just wrong. It got that mono feel to it. Like Hip Hop. Hip Hop is street music. And when its done in that fashion it’s organic, it is what it is. I mean don’t get me wrong. I like Dr Dre and how his production is all stellar and everything, that’s great. But that’s not what I was brought up on. I was brought up on when it was all tape and tape had a certain sound and that’s what that sound did. Period.


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