Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Crucial Discoveries Under The Influence of LSD25

Nobel Prize genius Crick was high on LSD when he discovered the secret of life

Francis Crick, the Nobel Prize-winning father of modern genetics, was under the influence of LSD when he first deduced thedouble-helix structure of DNA nearly 50 years ago.

The abrasive and unorthodox Crick and his brilliant American co-researcher James Watson famously celebrated their eureka moment in March 1953 by running from the now legendary Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge to the nearby Eagle pub, where they announced over pints of bitter that they had discovered the secret of life.

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Geneticist Kary Mullis has attributed his Nobel Prize winning discovery of the PCR chain-reaction to his experiences visualizing his molecular concepts with the aid of LSD. Here are notes from Kary's lecture on drug policy in Europe.

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