Thursday, 23 June 2011

Lev's Quotes on Knuckles' Quotes

Frankie Knuckles

"Too many dj's lack identity.
They should follow their own instinct, not other peoples
- Frankie Knuckles in Soul Undergound, UK magazine - May 1989.

"DJs now need to first learn how to act with integrity, then maybe they can honestly work on an original identity. Maybe I'm way past my time in understanding this thing, but it's good to know there has always been small minded hacks doing weak imitations. The cause today is simple enough: anyone can spend a few months searching around the internet for good music that you used to have to spend years and years finding in record stores. On top of that, it's free if you play digitally. Then it's only a matter of convincing people that you know something about what you're doing. Eventually someone's gonna buy the bullshit.
So 5 years ago you played drum and bass, then you got into dubstep, then house, now you only play disco, then it will be modern soul, then northern. Sure, the internet's awash in tons of genres to mess with.
The question is will you play them like you mean it?
Like you looked for it for 10 years?
Like you understand it? Like you payed for it?
You can convince as many people as will listen, but the obvious difference is written all over your face.
- probably Jason Lev from Truth is Light records blog - October 2010