Thursday, 16 September 2010

Pieter Giele

The Giele Skull is a polyester capsule placed on the grave to replace the artist’s black cape that has almost disintegrated in the last six years. Visitors can step into the capsule and lie down, to commemorate the artist and their own mortality. As anticipated, the work met with opposition from the Zorgvlied cemetery management. The capsule could lead to confusion and frightened reactions among other visitors if suddenly someone stepped out of it. After consultation and a few adjustments, Zorgvlied finally agreed to place the work.

The initiative for the Giele Skull came from the Giele Trust Foundation which was set up after the artist’s death and is a sort of continuation of the CGDDK (Cultureel Genoodschap De Donkere Kamer) founded by Giele. The aim of the Giele Trust Foundation is to safeguard Giele’s spiritual and material heritage. Next to the monument is also coming the Grote Peter Giele Boek.
SKOR decided to adopt the plan for a memorial as a homage to Peter Giele, but also with the idea of contributing to the broadening of regular memorial culture in the Netherlands.

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Source: Skor

‘Ab igne ignem capere’ - Peter Giele op zijn eigen houtje

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