Monday, 5 February 2007

News from Comatonse and more… (japanese/english)


また、Public Record から新しい無料ダウンロードが出来ます

Three new vinyl releases from Comatonse Recordings, including Terre's ambient deep house remixes of Scanner & Pete Lockett!
Please visit the Comatonse online shop for further info here.

Also, Public Record has released new and impressive releases, all available for free download.

Parallax Beat Bros. (Pete Lockett & Scanner): Exhalation EP
C.014 | 12-inch vinyl | Cisco Distribution
アンビエント、エクスペリメンタル作品をTerre ThaemlitzがRMX!
DJ Sprinkles (a.k.a. Terre Thaemlitz) produces a mix of Deep House and Ambient House remixes of tracks by the Parallax Beat Brothers (a.k.a. Scanner & Pete Lockett).

K-S.H.E vs. Juzu a.k.a. MOOCHY: Morning Grow (Melancholy Grow Remixes)
C.015 | 12-inch vinyl | Cisco Distribution
juzu a.k.a. moochyが昨年リリースしたアルバム「momentos」収録の 「morning grow」をterre thaemlitz (a.k.a. k-s.h.e) がリミックスしたのが こちらの作品。
K-S.H.E does it again with a gorgeously lush record guaranteed to bring train-spotters to your turntables asking what the hell you're playing.

Terre Thaemlitz presents... You? Again? 3
12-inch vinyl | Kompakt Distribution (Europe)
ミュールエレクトロニック のレーベルから、3 番目と最後の「you? again?」シリーズのビニール。(来週か再来週に来ま す!)
The third and final installation of the "You? Again?" vinyl series on Mule Electronic