Wednesday, 7 June 2006

The Banking System by David Icke

You go to a bank to borrow 'money'. Or you think you do. In fact, the 'money' is merely figures typed into your computer account. It does not exist, except as figures in a computer program. The banks are allowed to 'lend' at least ten times what they have on deposit - but this 'deposit', too, is only figures on a screen. There is no 'money', it's all an illusion.

But in return for 'borrowing' this created-out-of-nothing 'money' you must sign over your property, land or business, which is then owned by the bank until you have paid them back the nothing they 'loaned' you, plus interest. If you don't pay back the nothing the banks get your property, land or business.

And even while you are paying back the 'loan' this property - YOUR property - is considered an asset of the bank and they can 'lend' ten times its value to anyone else who wants a loan. In any other language it is called 'fraud'.