Wednesday, 25 May 2016

48 Sexes


plus la science avance et plus les chercheurs tombent des nues. Non, les femmes ne sont pas physiologiquement prédisposées à la crise de nerfs ni à l’amour. On peut les laisser lire des romans ou conduire des avions, sans danger. Non, la masturbation n’entraîne pas la surdité ni l’anémie. Dès lors, pourquoi enfermer les  «fricatrices» à l’hôpital Sainte Anne ? Non, l’homosexualité n’est pas une forme grave de dégénérescence héréditaire. La castration chimique dès lors ne s’impose plus. Non, les sadomasochistes ne sont pas des fous. Inutile de les interner. Au 19e siècle, de nombreuses pratiques, de nombreux désirs avaient été constitués en maladie. Au 20e siècle, progressivement, les médecins sont obligés de réviser sans cesse les nomenclatures internationales que sont le Manuel Diagnostique et Statistiques des troubles mentaux (ou DSM) de l’American Psychiatric Association et la Classification Internationale des Maladies de l’Organisation mondiale de la santé. Ce qui semblait évident il y a 100 ans ne l’est plus aujourd’hui. Alors pourquoi ne pas envisager l’idée que nos certitudes actuelles reposent  aussi sur des préjugés ?
Nos certitudes actuelles c’est qu’il y a seulement deux sexes, et qu’entre les deux se trouvent des ratés. Ce que les chercheurs découvrent c’est qu’il a deux pôles, entre lesquels se déploie un large spectre d’individus dont le développement —lors du processus de différenciation sexuelle de l’embryogenèse—s’est effectué suivant d’infinies variations…  Dans les années 50, Alfred Kinsey (fondateur de la sexologie) disait que l’hétérosexuel 100% hétérosexuel constituait une infime minorité par rapport aux personnes qui, dans leur enfance et leur adolescence, ont découvert la sexualité avec des camarades du même sexe… Les premiers émois… Maintenant, les biologistes disent à peu près la même chose du sexe : il n’est pas «pur». Le mâle 100% est aussi rare que la femelle 100%. En réalité, nous serions tous à hauteur de 10, 20, 30 ou 40% constitué par des marqueurs biologiques de l’autre sexe. Voilà pourquoi il serait temps d’accepter de compter au-delà de deux.


Author / Source:
Agnès Giard -  «Il n’existe pas 2 sexes (mâle et femelle) mais 48»

Monday, 9 May 2016

‘Cocky’ by Julia Serano

Julia Serano – ‘Cocky’

We’re often told that we’re living in a man’s world. And in this culture, no image represents power more than the phallic symbol. And if the penis equal power, then I am illegally armed. And my body full of freckles and feminine curves is like a stealth bomber. I fly just under everyone’s radar, but only because they choose not to see me.

Only because nobody wants to believe, that a sweet, petite, green-eyed girl like me, could ever possibly be packing heat. They say it’s not the size of the wand, but the magic that it does.

Well, after many months on oestrogen, my penis is pretty darn small. But she has supernatural powers – she’s like some pissed of ancient Greek Goddess.

My penis changes the meanings of everything.

And because of her, every one of my heterosexual x-girlfriends, has slept with a lesbian.

And every guy who hits on me these days could be accused of being gay.
Because my penis bends everyone who’s straight, and she can make the most entitled cat-callers and womanizers scurry away with their tails between their legs.

All because of six small words: I used to be a man. And being a transsexual, I realize that most people see my female-ness as a facade – it’s an elaborate hoax.

But I am more real than any of them could ever hope to be. I’m more real because, unlike them, my gender’s not base upon what other people think of me. And that may make me an object of ridicule, but I am not the butt of anyone’s jokes.

Because I know that people make fun of trannies because we are the one thing they fear the most.

I am more badass than any gangster, more dangerous than an entire marine corps. My penis is more powerful than the cocks of a million alpha-males, all put together.

Because when a man is defined as that which is not female, and a woman is defined as that which is not male, then I am, the loose thread – that unravels the gender of everyone around me.

They say it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean.
Well my penis gives most people sea-sickness.
She makes them dizzy, because most people are not secure enough in their own masculinity or femininity to survive a night in the sack with me.

My penis turns simple sexual pleasures into political acts. She turns biological possibilities into cold, hard facts. My penis is the curiosity, that you’ve been told will kill your cat.

See, my penis can be deadly, especially to me.

And I’ve heard almost every True Crime Story about what frightened macho boys do to trannies. Every bludgeoning and mutilation, bodies beaten beyond recognition.

And I’ve imagined it all happening to me, first person. And every time I get up in front of a crowd to perform one of my “outspoken word pieces” I can feel myself morph into a slow moving target.

And after the show, when I walk back to my car, I’ll be holding my breath, half expecting that inevitable ‘blow’ to the back of the head. And sometimes I wonder why it hasn’t happened yet.
And sometimes I wonder why they don’t just get it over with.
 And sometimes I wish I was just dead. I wish I was dead.

See, I never wanted to be dangerous, and I spent most of my life wishing I didn’t have a penis.

And I used to hate my body for not making any sense to me.
And these days I often hate it for being so inbetween.
And some days I can hardly get out of bed because my body is so weighed down with ugly meanings that my culture has dumped all over me.

See, I’ve been made to feel shame and self-loathing, so that everyone else can take comfort in what their bodies mean.

And if I seem a bit cocky, it’s because I refuse to make apologies for my body any more.
I am through being the human sacrifice offered up to appease other people’s gender issues.

Some women have a penis, some men don’t.
And the rest of the world is just going to have to get the fuck over it.

And if I’m destined to be the loose thread that unravels the gender of everyone around me, then I’m going to pull and pull and pull, until everyone is exposed, until they all finally see that all along, they were merely wearing the emperor’s new clothes.

And I know that people don’t like it when I turn the tables on them.
What the hell else am I supposed to do?
Play a hand from a deck of cards that was stacked against me?

And if I seem a bit cocky,  it’s because I spent my entire life being backed into a corner. And like a frightened animal pumped full of adrenaline, sick of hunger and hiding I’m finally desperate enough to come out fighting.

- Julia Serano

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Quoting Jessica Simps

" As a femme woman, I often feel that because your main social function involves your sexual objectification, small daily tasks carry with them an element of sexual labor or work that is imposed upon you. Whether it be making yourself up to be sexually appealing in order to have access to certain spaces, jobs, opportunities, or respect, or just putting up with micro-sexisms like unwanted touching or being expected to take a backseat in a conversation, all femme women, in a sense, perform sexual labor. "

Saturday, 7 May 2016


When I was a believer nothing, and I mean NOTHING, was more blood-curdling, blood freezingly frightening than the idea of the devil, any powers or beings related to the devil, and anything related to demons. The church had me so scared of this mythical being that I was frightened of my own thoughts, of images, of stories about the ultimate evil, Satan. You want to make an adult human being tremble in honest fear, talk openly about Satan with a Christian or a Muslim.

I clearly recall rooms full of adults wailing in panic and in fear that an actual evil spirit was at play in the world and wanting to target well-meaning people and their families. I remember sermons and talks given that were especially intended to stir up an infectious alarm of imminent contact with evil incarnate. One human causing ultimate terror in another person.

Deep fear of symbols, sounds, words, thoughts, ideas, designs. This is the kind of fear that makes a body shake and quiver and feel on the edge of the abyss. The kind of fear that makes a pitiful, powerless mortal grasp onto anything offered as a lifeboat against such damnable evil. This is the thing that gets into one's head and grows and stews and taints everything. It scares the beauty and the joy away.

That is the kind of fear of Satan that some churches teach.

I remember being one of those people who feared that which I did not understand or that was different from me. One night my dear friend stormed into the house after one of her Evangelical meetings and started asking me about Men at Work's song Land Down Under. Did I even know what vegemite was?  Could it be of the Devil? A trail head full of zombies?! What does it mean the land down under where women blow and men plunder?!!!!!!
Could this be a demonic song?, she asked, wide-eyed, fearful that she had missed an obvious demonic presence on the airwaves and on MTV.
I had to admit that I did not know!
Now, of course, I see that Men at Work were seriously evil. *wink*

I don't want to make an adult human being tremble in honest fear, yet I am going to talk about Satan. FIRST by stating that in no way and under no circumstances do I believe in a devil or evil spirit incarnate or minions or anything of that nature.  No body or spirit or intention. None of it. It just makes no sense.

Most of today's Satanists have an admirable goal in mind when they use the metaphor of Satan. They are saying that, historically, wisdom and intellectual discovery and individualism have been treated by some churches and churchgoers as signs of evil at work in a person. Hence the anti-intellectual movement of these recent years. But Satanists are forthrightly claiming intellectualism and individuality as highly-desirable goals for a well-lived, honest life.

Today's Satanists use the allegorical Satan to celebrate a crisis of faith, the admirable awareness of free will, and a strong grasp of personal liberties as positive personal human traits to celebrate and to encourage.

For this post I did some reading from The Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple, among others. and I was unimpressed, unmoved. I guess that is because I found them to be mostly putting on a show, trying to shock, etc., when the message is far simpler than the show. While I appreciate their deliberate actions to unsettle the comfortable, I feel that the message is lost.

I believe in Keep It Simple:
  • Be Yourself
  • Keep Learning
  • If It Feels Good and Doesn't Harm anyone else, do it
And I don't need a group of people that I belong to to have that.

What do you think?

Author - Source: Karen Loethen at 



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