Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Fear That Kills

The fact that transgender people are desirable is one of society’s worst kept secrets. And people are still trying to keep that a secret because they’re worried what other people would think about them if they slept with us.

That fear comes from the same defensive place as the brutal acts of anti-transgender violence we have seen so many of this year—the fear that being attracted to someone you are attracted to makes you something that you’re not. It is totally fair for Laverne Cox to call that fear “insecure as fuck.”
- Samantha Allen

OkCupid when a Trans Woman

If I go one OkCupid and don’t tell people I’m trans, I get one kind of jerk. If I do tell people I’m trans, I get a different type of jerk. There’s pain no matter what side of the fence you’re on. If I don’t tell people I’m trans, I get a lot more of what look like real messages—people who are trying to charm me in some way. It may not go anywhere, but they put in some effort. If you advertise that you’re trans, they put in no effort whatsoever. It’s just garbage—because they know they can get away with it. They think we’re desperate for attention: ‘This is the only message she’s going to get today.’”

Kimberly Horne, New York, N.Y.Software developer, 38, Transgender woman.

Source: Looking for Love and Acceptance.

How trans Women are Treated (a call for trans women inclusive feminism)

That men in our culture have a habit of treating trans women the way they wish they could treat cis women means that the transmisogyny trans women face is linked to the misogyny cis women face. This means that when a man stuck his penis inside my unconscious body’s “neovagina” without a condom, he did so because culture identified me as a member of a class who should be raped if they’re unconscious. That I am told to smile more by strangers, that I am cat called for walking down the street, and that I am demeaned for not sexually engaging a man’s online advances are all tied to the system of sexism cis women face. My liberation from my culture’s sexist system will not happen without the liberation of all those sex essentialist activists who want trans bodies eradicated from the world. In this way, my fate as a trans woman is tied to the fate of every woman who personally hates me. Likewise, liberation from the sexist system each sex essentialist (from TERFs to theocrats who tell me my body violates the will of their particular deity) struggles in will not happen without the liberation of trans and intersex women as well.

Source: Are Misogynist, Homophobe, & TERF slurs? by Cristan Williams

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Phuture ‎– Acid Tracks

The original title for the song 'Acid Tracks' was 'In Your Mind'. DJ Pierre had given a tape of the track to Ron Hardy to play at the Muzic Box in Chicago it then appeared on a tape Hardy had labelled 'Acid Tracks'. So this name stuck and Phuture decided to issue it under this title. According to DJ Pierre the 'acid' in the title of the tape was a reference to LSD as this was a popular drug at the club. It was not a reference to the sound of the Roland 303.

Source: Discogs